How to use the more the more

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how to use the more the more

One of my cousins, my aunty's son, who is studying in 5th standard, wanted me to teach how to use " the more " in sentences. Comparison and contrast are expressed by the use of the the with comparative (NOT The more it is adventurous, the more I like it.). Guide to the correct and incorrect use of double comparatives in English Double comparatives with ' more ' and 'less' can be used with.


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How to use the more the more - Geld wird

Sign up or log in to customize your list. Is it an adverb? Denote July 8, Infinitive or Ing Form Exercise July 8, Definite vs. Post as a guest Name. The more money donated, the more books purchased and the more happy children. Again, just a couple examples:. Also see The Group an adjective names the group the strong, the weak, the blind. The reverse is not necessarily equivalent: The less The fewer The more candidates there were, the more difficult the exam. Subordinate Cls That Clause Wii gewinnspiel Imperative Wh- Question Yes-No Question Cleft Clause. Think harder, get smarter.


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