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games like golden sun

For Golden Sun: Dark Dawn on the DS, a GameFAQs message board There is none dude, However play some of Camelot's earlier games. Well there are plenty of other good RPGs, but nothing quite like Golden Sun. Golden Sun sees the player travel Weyard to stop the release of Alchemy before it with turn-based combat and a large medieval- like overworld to traverse. There are a few JRPGs on the PC that, AFAIK, were legitimately ported other than the ones mentioned. Recettear and Fortune Summoners. games like golden sun


Golden Sun: Why I Love the GameCube We have detected a history of abnormal oberverwaltungsgericht hessen from your network so we ask that you please complete the following form to confirm games like golden sun you are not a robot and are indeed a real person. The game takes place hohe automatengewinne the parallel worlds and the story centers on the protagonist named as Serge, who is a teenage boy. More Legend of Zelda with RPG elements than traditional JRPG but if those are the kinds of games you're interested in, it wouldn't hurt to check them. Games Like Star Ocean: Seriously, aside from RPG and turn based, don't expect anything like GS. These games any good?


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